Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sorting myself out

So I've been here for just over a week, and in that time I've managed to settle myself into Lugo fairly well. I've found a nice flat in a great location just over the road from campus (and practically next door to several lovely bars), and am living with two other guys: one from the Dominican Republic and one from Poland.

I managed to register for all my classes, then had to change most of them due to clashes. I'm now doing some kind of hybrid Economics/Translation/History course which is apparently OK. Most of my classes are with humanities, which is a bit like going back to school as the biggest module has 8 other students in it. Translation theory is me, some Polish girls, and the teacher, who informed us that because we're all Erasmus we can study whatever we want. My history teacher is slightly scary though.

One hurdle stands before me though, which is the mandatory police registration. It took me several hours of form filling and preparation before I was ready for this, when I duly hauled my paperwork to the Policia Nacional this afternoon. However, it was not to be, as they apparently only do registrations before lunch.

Oh, and Lugo is nice.

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