Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chilly in Chile

So it turns out that I slightly misjudged seasons and instead of being balmy spring it is, in fact, winter. Good one. Anyway, I've finally arrived in Chile after just over a day of travelling, and am sitting in my new room in Las Condes, Santiago!

So: the Journey. I waved goodbye to my family (minus dad, who was coming to the airport with me) at 8.15am on Tuesday the 14th of August. 2 trains, a 9 hour flight, a train, another 9 hour flight, and a 40 minute drive later, I arrived in the world's largest copper producer: Chile.

Along the way I learnt that Delta isn't anywhere near as good as Air New Zealand, American people are wonderfully friendly, American security regulations are ridiculous (I had a fit of the giggles mid way through TSA screening), and the Andes look mint.

I start work tomorrow at Redland School, which is about 5 minutes drive away, where I'm leading conversation classes and helping with general office work. Details to follow... Today is a national holiday, so not much is happening, but I'm hoping to get into Santiago Centro and sort myself out a bit as well as getting a hang of the town, although some things will have to wait for a working day.

Some things will have to wait for a working day: I need a new SIM (and my phone unlocked), as well as a bank account and some adaptors to replace the US ones I, for some reason, decided to bring. What an exciting life I lead!

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